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                      Corporate Values of Integrity and Compliance


                      Following the concept of pursing integrity and healthy and sustainable development while doing business, CEEC-HEPDI commits to practicing the following spirit of integrity and compliance during production and operation:

                      1. 嚴格遵守中國和業務所在國的相關法律、法規,以及國際通用的誠信合規行為準則、規定;

                      Comply with relevant laws and regulations in China and the host country as well as internationally accepted code of conduct and provisions on integrity and compliance;

                      2. 嚴格遵守中國共產黨、有關監管機關、上級集團及公司內部誠信合規規定;

                      Comply with provisions concerning integrity and compliance of the Communist Party of China, relevant supervision authorities, superior unit and HEPDI;

                      3. 嚴格遵循平等、公平、誠實、守信的原則和通用的行業準則、商業慣例、道德規范;

                      Comply with the principle of equality, fairness, honesty and trustworthiness as well as universal industry guidelines, business practices and ethics;

                      4. 就誠信合規事項接受政府部門、上級單位的監管。

                      Accept the supervision of matters concerning integrity and compliance by the government departments and superior companies.



                      Requirements for Staff


                      CEEC-HEPDI requires all the staff to practice the corporate values of integrity and compliance and fulfill following obligations for compliance:

                      1. 嚴格遵守職業道德和紀律,認真履行崗位職責;

                      Earnestly comply with professional ethics and disciplines, and fulfill job responsibilities;

                      2. 了解、遵守國家法律法規、國際通用誠信合規行為準則、上級單位及公司誠信合規規章制度;

                      Understand and comply with national laws and regulations, international code of conduct on integrity and compliance, and the rules on integrity and compliance of the superior companies and HEPDI;

                      3. 不提供、贈予、索取、收受在工作中有業務往來的單位或個人的禮物、禮金或其他利益等;對未能拒收的禮物、禮金或其他利益,及時按規向公司紀檢部門登記、上交;

                      Not to offer, give, seek or accept gifts, money or other benefits from units or individuals who engage in business dealing with them; and timely register and submit to HEPDI’s Discipline Inspection Department the gifts, money or other benefits they fail to reject;

                      4. 就誠信合規事項自愿接受政府部門、上級單位以及公司合規監管機構的監督;

                      Voluntarily accept the supervision of matters concerning integrity and compliance by the compliance regulators of the government departments, superior companies and HEPDI;

                      5. 不以為公司謀取利益為理由,授意、指使、強令、脅迫、誘騙、教唆他人實施違反合規精神的行為;

                      Not to use seeking benefits for HEPDI as the excuse to instigate, incite, compel, coerce, entice or abet others to engage in actions that violate the spirit of compliance;

                      6. 主動向公司相關部門就誠信合規風險事項進行咨詢;

                      Consult HEPDI’s relevant department about matters concerning the risks of integrity and compliance;

                      7. 及時向公司相關部門反映、報告違反任何合規精神的事件、風險和問題。

                      Timely notify and report to HEPDI’s relevant departments any event, risk or issue that violates the spirit of compliance.



                      Expectations for Partners


                      CEEC-HEPDI values its partnership with business partners, looks forward to your understanding and respect for its values of integrity and compliance during cooperation, and opposes following misconducts that violate the spirit of integrity and compliance:

                      1. 賄賂行為:提供、贈予、索取、收受任何有價值之物,不當影響任何一方的行為;

                      Bribery: Behavior that involves offers, giving, seeking or accepting any valuables and has undue influence on any party;

                      2. 欺詐行為:以獲取利益或避免義務為目的,實施包括但不限于虛假陳述、提供不完整信息、隱藏關鍵信息等,誤導或企圖誤導任何一方決策的不當行為;

                      Fraud: Misconduct that misleads or attempts to mislead any party’s decision to obtain benefits or avoid obligations, which includes but is not limited to misrepresentation, providing incomplete information and hiding key information;

                      3. 串通行為:與第三方串通合謀,不當影響任何一方的商業決策;

                      Collusion: Collusion with a third party that has undue influence on any party’s business decision;

                      4. 脅迫行為:實施傷害任何一方或損害其財產,或以該結果為要挾,不當影響任何一方的行為。

                      Coercion: Behavior that hurts any party or undermines its property, or threatens to do so, and has undue influence on any party.



                      Channels for Whistleblowing


                      CEEC-HEPDI encourages all the internal and external personnel to report violations, commits to keep the whistleblower’s information confidential and take necessary protective measures for him or her (unless otherwise required by national laws, regulations and policies), carries out investigation in a lawful, compliant, fair and just manner, and takes appropriate remedial measures to handle violations:


                      Responsible department: CEEC-HEPDI’s Discipline Inspection Department


                      Hotline: +86(0)731-84474427


                      Enquiry E-mail: zqin6133@ceec.net.cn



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